Swamp Jacuzzi Live Episode #105

A 3+ hour whiskey fueled shakedown

  • Todd Snider- Is This Thing Working
  • Scott H Biram- I Want My Mojo Back
  • Wayne Hancock- Johnny Law
  • The Phantoms- Ditch Digger
  • Kill Devil Hills- Drinking Too Much
  • Drive-By Truckers- Darkened Flags At The Cusp Of Dawn
  •  CW Stoneking- We Gon Boogaloo
  • The Saints- Just Like Darts
  • Greg Stackhouse Prevost- Ain’t Nothing Here Gonna Change My Mind
  • The Embrooks- Going But Not Gone
  • The Glands- Livin’ Was Easy
  • The Who- Zoot Suit
  • The Who- I’m A Boy
  • The Swingin Neckbreakers- Let’s Have A Jam
  • The Lyres- 100cc
  • Thundercrack- I Love Her Gravy
  • The A-Bones-Amanda Jones
  • The Saints- No Time
  • The Cynics- I Don’t Need You
  • The Cynics- You’re On My Mind
  • The Yeah You Rights- Lucy Anna (Side A)
  • The Mono Men- Burning Bush
  • Evan Johns & The H-Bombs- Madhouse
  • Todd Snider- Rocket Fuel
  • Todd Snider- My Generation Part 2
  • Todd Snider- I Do Too
  • Sonic’s Rendezvous Band- Electrophonic Tonic
  • Big Star- When My Baby’s Beside Me
  • Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys- Sur Le Courtebleau
  • The Black Diamond Heavies- Hambone
  • Dirty Deep- NOLA Closer
  • Dirty Deep- Holy Pocket Boogie
  • Holly Go-Lightly- Devil Do
  • The Devil Dogs- Hose Bag
  • Thee Girl Fridays- Shake Shake
  • Broadway Lafayette- One Thing At A Time
  • Real Kids- All Kinds Of Girl
  • The Pine Leaf Boys- Mon Coeur Fait Moi
  • Husker Du- Pink Turns To Blue
  • Lost Bayou Ramblers- Sabine Turnaround
  • Pagans- Hopped Up
  • The Red Stick Ramblers- Made In The Shade

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